International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 35, 4, 4 - 7 (2017).
A case of multiple synchronous quadruple cancers of the stomach, sigmoid colon, rectum, and pancreas


Atsushi Nanashima , Tetsuro Tominaga , Takashi Nonaka , Kouki Wakata , Masaki Kunizaki , Shuichi Tobinaga , Yorihisa Sumida , Shigekazu Hidaka , Naoe Kinoshita , Terumitsu Sawai , Takeshi Nagayasu




Introduction Multiple primary neoplasms are relatively rare, but their incidence has increased because of aging and improvements in diagnostic imaging. Presentation of case A 67-year-old man presented with epigastric pain. On upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, an ulcer was seen at the gastric angle, and biopsy showed moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma (AC). Colonoscopy demonstrated a 15-mm lesion in the sigmoid colon and a submucosal lesion in the lower rectum. The biopsy showed well differentiated AC and neuroendocrine tumor (NET). In addition, abdominal CT and MRI showed a 14-mm nodular lesion in the pancreatic body suggesting pancreatic duct cancer. Based on the above findings, four synchronous cancers, including the pancreas, stomach, sigmoid colon and rectum, were diagnosed, and surgery was performed. A midline incision was made in the upper abdomen, and a distal gastrectomy, pancreatic body and tail resection, and sigmoidectomy were performed. Trans-anal tumor resection was performed for the rectal lesion. Histopathology showed invasive pancreatic duct cancer, moderately differentiated AC of the stomach, moderately differentiated AC of the sigmoid colon, and NET G1 of the rectum. The patient had no postoperative complications, 4 years 3 months after resection, and he was disease-free from all of the cancers. Discussion The strategy of perioperative diagnosis and treatment for multiple primary tumors is usually difficult. This process was performed by consulting a cancer board, which could be useful as a practice guideline. Conclusion This patient in whom four tumors were completely resected at the same time and who has had a good clinical course was reported.