HEPATO-GASTROENTEROLOGY 59, 117, 1583 - 1585 (2012).
Extended Right Hepatectomy for Hilar Bile Duct Carcinoma using the Modified Liver Hanging Maneuver


Atsushi Nanashima , Syuuichi Tobinaga , Takafumi Abo , Takashi Nonaka , Shigekazu Hidaka , Hiroaki Takeshita , Terumitsu Sawai , Takeshi Nagayasu




To achieve complete extended right hepatectomy or trisectionectomy for a bismuth type IV hilar bile duct carcinoma, we propose the application of Belghiti's liver hanging maneuver (LHM) using a small nasogastric tube. This small nasogastric tube was placed in the cut plane: the top of the tube was placed between the hepatic veins. The tube was placed along the border between the left lateral sector and Spiegel's caudate lobe and the bottom of the tube was placed at the left side of the umbilical Glissonian pedicle. Hepatic parenchyma was transected using a vascular sealing device. Hepatic transection was always targeted to the tube and, eventually, a cut line of left hepatic ducts remained. We report the case of a 76-year-old female and an 83-year-old female with widely extended hilar bile duct carcinomas showing Bismuth type IV. Applying the modified LHM for extended right hepatectomy, the cut planes were easily and adequately obtained in patients with hilar bile duct carcinoma.