JOURNAL OF SURGICAL RESEARCH 164, 2, E235 - E242 (2010).
Relationship of Hepatic Functional Parameters with Changes of Functional Liver Volume Using Technetium-99m Galactosyl Serum Albumin Scintigraphy in Patients Undergoing Preoperative Portal Vein Embolization A Follow-Up Report


Atsushi Nanashima , Syuuichi Tobinaga , Takafumi Abo , Yorihisa Sumida , Masato Araki , Hideyuki Hayashi , Ichiro Sakamoto , Takashi Kudo , Hiroaki Takeshita , Shigekazu Hidaka , Terumitsu Sawai , Kazuhiko Hatano , Takeshi Nagayasu




Background To identify predictors of changes in functional hepatic volumes after portal vein embolization (PVE) before hepatectomy, we examined the relationship between hepatic functional parameters and changes in functional volume of the embolized and non embolized liver based on a previous volumetric analysis Material and Methods Subjects were 24 patients who underwent PVE, which was performed through the trans ileocolic vein (n = 4) or by percutaneous transhepatic puncture (n = 20) The RI liver volume parameter was measured by liver scintigraphy with technetium(99m) galactosyl human serum albumin (Tc-99m GSA) Computed tomography (CT) volume parameter was also measured Results Significant atrophy of the embolized liver and hypertrophy of the non-embolized liver (change of 72 +/- 108 cm(3) and 111 +/- 91cm(3), respectively) (change of 7 8%) was observed after PVE The change in these RI volume parameters (change of 173 +/- 175cm(3) and 145 +/- 137 cm(3), respectively) (16 5%) was significantly greater than CT volume parameters (P < 0 01) CT vol and RI vol in the embolized and non embolized liver were well correlated (r = 0 75 and 0 69, respectively) However, the correlation between CT and RI volume parameters in the embolized and non-embolized liver after PVE was very weak (r = 0 17 and 0 03, respectively) Only alkaline phosphatase level correlated negatively with atrophic CT volume parameter of the embolized liver (r = -0 455, P < 0 05) When compared with CT volume parameter, more parameters were significantly correlated with changes of RI volume parameter in the embolized liver pre PVE pressure, ICGR15, and serum levels of hyaluronate, total bilirubin, albumin, and alkaline phosphatase Only platelet count was significantly correlated with hypertrophy of the non embolized liver Conclusion RI volume parameter might more accurately reflect functional changes in the embolized liver and non embolized liver than CT volume parameter Correlated parameters might allow us to predict the functional effect of PVE (C) 2010 Elsevier Inc All rights reserved