Acta Medica Nagasakiensia 57, 3, 93 - 97 (2013).
Concurrent sarcoidosis and takayasu's arteritis: Case report and review of the literature


Seiko Nakamichi , Koh Abe , Yoichi Tatsuta , Aya Yoda , Koichiro Kadota , Keita Inoue , Fuminao Takeshima , Noriho Sakamoto , Yuji Ishimatsu , Atsushi Kawakami , Hiroshi Mukae , Shigeru Kohno , Yoshiyuki Ozono




A 26-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with fever, dry cough and elevated serum CRP. Chest CT scans revealed mediastinal and bihilar lymphadenopathy, and sarcoidosis was clinically diagnosed based on additional findings. The walls of the aorta and other arteries were thickened and HLA typing was positive for HLA-B52, suggesting Takayasu's arteritis. Corticosteroid clearly improved the symptoms and the patient has remained free of recurrence since therapy was discontinued. We report the rare case of concurrent sarcoidosis and TA and review the literature.